The pop-up “LOVE LAB with Tanaka Katsuki” is currently open on the 3rd floor of Isetan Shinjuku. Until Apr 15.

Under the theme “Experimentation and Regeneration of Love,” a lineup of wear and sundries decorated with love motifs of hearts and kiss marks along with limited edition goods adorned with manga artist Tanaka Katsuki’s illustrations are on sale.

The exclusive and surreal illustrations of twisted hearts decorate tees (without a breast pocket (9,500 yen), with a breast pocket (10,000 yen) and with three emblems (13,500 yen)) and iPhone cases (2 styles in 2 colors/3,800 yen each).

At the event, a vending machine for capsule toys is available. The lineup of the toys is: 6 figures plus 1 special figure of Cup no Fuchiko including Burasagari Fuchiko and Hikkakari Fuchiko (2 colors/200 yen per one try) and An & Min (300 yen per one try). The figures of An & Min, twin office workers, introduce the two hanging, reading or moving acrobatically.

Tanaka Katsuki is a manga artist/videographer. As manga artist, he is known for “Bakadrill,” “Ossu! Toncochan,” “Heyae” and more. As videographer, he has created a video clip for clammbon and handled art direction for KIRINJI. Recently he is famous for the manga essay “Sado” based on the topic of saunas and as the inventor of “Cup no Fuchiko.”