Anrealage begins a new project “FOCUS: Life Gear” with digital creative companies PARTY Inc. and AID-DCC Inc.

The project introduces a collection of clothes made of textiles that shut out electromagnetic waves. Its aim is to protect people from the influx of information coming from smartphones and social media. These technologies have made our lives convenient and made it easier for us to communicate with others. On the other hand, they have decreased opportunities for people to meet in person and have deep and meaningful conversations. FOCUS: Life Gear was initiated as a means to introduce a lifestyle where people can escape from these technologies and focus on the things which are real.

The collection introduces wear made with laser cutting and seamless tailoring that protect the wearer from the storm of information. The designs are based on “outdoor gear” and “protection.” By placing phones and other devices in the see-through pockets made with the special textiles, the wearer can disconnect from the “virtual” world.

The designs were first introduced during Toronto Fashion Week at a pop-up gallery. Introduction to the Japanese market is in the works. In addition to wear, the project presents concept videos, making visuals and contents that allow users to see how heavily addicted they are to SNS. Pictures were handled by director/animator Genki Ito.


The project is a part of Trident Gum’s campaign. The act of chewing gum promotes concentration and helps to refresh the mind. Similarly, FOCUS: Life Gear shields the wearer from streams of information and allows him/her to focus on the things that are important in life.