All Nippon Airways (ANA) will renew the uniforms of its cabin and ground crew this winter. In line with this, a presentation of the uniforms to be worn by 13,000 staff was carried out on Apr 24.

It has been ten years since ANA has updated its uniforms. The new uniform was designed by New York based Prabal Gurung whose designs are popular among Michelle Obama and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This is the first time for a non-Japanese designer to handle the uniform design.

The design concept of the new uniforms is “happiness,” “passion” and “excitement.” The uniforms are based in the color gray, which gives off an elegant impression. Gurung imagined the steps that each of the travelers would take from the airport to the airplane and altered the design of the uniforms depending on the role of the staff.

The skirt and jacket designed for the female flight attendants introduce a blue line at the back. The male uniforms are completed with a necktie using ANA’s corporate color.

The female ground crew has two styles of uniforms- a blouse type and an apron type. The blouse type is designed in tweed and with three quarter sleeves. The apron type gives off a dressy style with a feminine silhouette. When worn with a vest, the round collar and side pockets with tucks produce a soft feel. With a jacket, the collar adorned with a blue line brings out ANA’s charm. Button-down shirt and jacket with pockets for the male ground crew place importance on functionality.

Chairman Shinichiro Ito of ANA said, “Mr. Gurung created impressive uniforms ideal for our 5-star airline.” Executive Vice President Hiroko Kawamoto added, “The new uniforms express ANA that continues to change under the keyword ‘Challenge.’”

At the venue, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (belonging to ANA) came out of an airplane in a skating pose. Hanyu, who frequently uses the airline to participate in competitions, said, “Since I'm used to the old uniforms, I feel that the new ones are very different. Accentuated with blue lines, they give off a strong impression at first sight.”