The new luxury accessory brand “discord” by Yohji Yamamoto is on presale at Isetan Shinjuku from May 12. A press conference featuring the designer along with Isetan store manager Masaaki Takano was held on the opening day of the event.

The new brand, where Yamamoto proposes new values for luxury accessories, was launched in collaboration with Isetan Mitsukoshi. High quality made in Japan items are “imperfectly” finished off in line with the brand concept of placing value on Japanese sensibilities. The brand logo introduces scratches and flaws to represent the damage of perfect things, which can also reinforce an item’s beauty as a whole.

The product lineup consists of 17 types of scarves (20,000 yen to 53,000 yen) and bags (69,000 yen to 238,000 yen), 4 types of women’s shoes (59,000 yen to 65,000 yen) and 14 types of leather goods (26,000 yen to 63,000 yen).

“I’ve been working in fashion for nearly 40 years now, but it’s actually the first time for me to design bags. I gathered female designers to help me check the soft texture of leather, the length of bag handles and other details to create accessories suitable for women,” explained Yamamoto.

The brand was first presented at the pop-up event “Nipponista” held by Isetan Mitsukoshi in New York this February. “We received favorable feedback during the event. Nipponista is a part of our ‘Japan Senses’ project which aims to communicate the charms of made in Japan products. We chose New York as our venue this year to further enhance the project. Yohji Yamamoto was called upon as we wanted to fill the gap between overseas luxury accessory brands and Japanese ones,” added Takano.

Yamamoto continued, “There are so many cool things in Japan. Wabi-sabi (austere refinement and quiet simplicity), ma (intervals), the aesthetic of subtraction and beauty derived from disintegration and distortion are unique to Japan. We have artisans with top-level traditional skills who work for small businesses. If we create opportunities to introduce items created with such spirits to the market, young people might become interested in the creative process and follow the predecessors’ steps. It’s important for people like me, who have been involved in fashion for a long time, to encourage young talent and pass on traditions and skills. To achieve this, I want to emphasize Japanese beauty in my designs. For this, I require your support!”

The brand will also be lined up at Ginza Mitsukoshi from May 21, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi from May 28 and Yohji Yamamoto Aoyama store from May 23. Concurrently, the event “INSTALLATION at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo by Yohji Yamamoto” is open until June 8 on the 38th floor of the hotel.