On May 22, fashion brand “GLOBAL WORK” by point inc. hosted its 20th anniversary event at Billboard Live TOKYO.

Under the slogan “The World Fashion Mart,” the brand aims to expand internationally and launched its worldwide campaign. The new global TV ad featuring international stars Masami Nagasawa and Takao Osawa has been airing in Japan since Apr 25.

In the ad, Nagasawa and Osawa visit Japanese people who live and work overseas to pursue their dreams. The daily lives of the people are illustrated in a documentary-like setting. The ballad appearing in the anime “First Human Giatrus,” which explains the history of the Earth and people, is covered by Ken Hirai and used as background music for the ad. In the latest commercial, Osawa visits bass fisherman Kazuki Kitajima in Orlando, Florida. Nagasawa, visits ballet dancer Kaori Fukui in Miami.

Nagasawa and Osawa made appearances for the anniversary event and revealed behind-the-scene stories regarding the filming of the ad. “Although I wasn’t able to catch any fish, I had a great time with Mr. Kitajima, who has the happy heart of a young boy. I was reminded of my childhood days,” said Osawa. “I felt encouraged after talking to Ms. Fukui, who is the same age as me. I was also happy to have been able to reciprocate,” added Nagasawa. In response to the question about their plans globally, Osawa responded, “I want to travel the world and enrich myself. I want to experience as much as I can while I can.” Nagasawa answered, “Through my travels for this global campaign to meet Japanese people around the world, I want to remind myself of my roots and remain focused.”

A fashion show was also held for the event, introducing relaxed shorts and cropped pants as spring/summer styles for both men and women.