- Your new book covers your 22-year career and took 2 years to complete. Which parts do you recommend?

The main purpose of the book is to communicate my thoughts on fashion. I wanted to express a new side of me so I took a new approach.

- How was the photo shoot?

The photo shoot took place in New York, and local photographers and staff working for Vogue handled it. I wanted to choose a setting which was suitable for me. For the cover of the book, I wanted to select a photo that showed the natural side of me. But in the end, one showing me as a model was chosen. Most of the work I do with magazines involve expressing my personal sides, so it was invigorating to take photos as a “true” model.

The final shoot took place under the theme “daily life.” It was difficult to remain focused on daily life because I kept on switching to “model” mode.

- Have your styles of fashion changed with age?

The things I love haven’t changed, but the way I style them differs at every age. I make sure to incorporate a feel that represents me how I am at the time. Recently, I like to combine stripes with denim and add pearls to a simple look. I cut my bangs short based on my feelings.

With age, I’ve become more concerned with the length and balance of items. I’ve worn many outfits, and at times I fail, but my feelings of wanting to look beautiful or cute hasn’t changed. In fact, these feelings are getting stronger.

- What do you have planned next?

Until my thirties, I was always thinking about what kind of a model I wanted to be, and this kept me motivated. Now forty, I think about the kind of woman I want to be, and so far it’s been a busy ride. I’m always curious, and I’m having fun.

I also think about how I want to be in my fifties. I want to be “cool,” both on the inside and outside. As an example, I see myself with really short hair and being the kind of person who illuminates through her experiences, strengths and confidence.