HT: You’re into running right? How long do you run in one time?

JT: 10km.

HT: Wow. I like to swim and do Kaatsu. Exercise makes adrenaline flow and gives you time to think with a clear head.

JT: When I go running, I have all these thoughts in my head. By the time I finish my run, I feel like I can stop worrying about small details. Sports give me a sense of achievement, but for some reason, fashion shows don't.

HT: Your brand UNDERCOVER started off as street and is gradually becoming more and more mode.

JT: If I don’t present mode, there won’t be much purpose in presenting in Paris. But street and Tokyo trends continue to influence my designs, which probably makes UNDERCOVER quite unique.

HT: Hedi Slimane fuses rock into fashion to present traditional items for Saint Laurent. Your designs express your identity.

JT: I think Hedi Slimane’s style is to the point. I see many people in LA dressed in this style.

HT: I agree. For example, a racing jacket and black pants. It’s a popular and basic style, but I don’t see much originality.

JT: When I see his shows, a part of me finds it interesting and the other, looks for something more.

HT: A few seasons back, your disassembled a white racing jacket and restructured it into a dress. I loved this piece. You managed to make this basic item something special, which marks a clear difference between you and Hedi.

JT: When I compare myself to top designers in Paris, I see a clear difference in experiences and upbringing. I grew up in Tokyo, joined a band, hung out with people that love music, started off as a designer presenting shows in Tokyo, and then began to hold shows in Paris. That’s why I want to try and create clothes based on my experiences and make them unique.

HT: That philosophy is already ingrained in you. I think you can continue as you are now.

JT: People are finally beginning to appreciate my designs so I want to offer something more.

To be continued into 5/6.