The exhibit “Interior Lifestyle Tokyo” was held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 4 to 6. The purpose of the exhibit is to introduce Japanese interior items to the rest of the world. This year, 819 companies, the largest number of exhibitors to date, introduced cutlery, kitchen goods and furniture.

At the venue, the “Disney Lifestyle Collection” was introduced using the five categories- sundries, bath goods, bedding & textiles, kitchen & dining and living.

The “Winnie the Pooh Table Collection” under the living category was designed by Oki Sato of the design office “nendo.” Sato explained that he depicted the cute personalities of each of the characters onto the wooden furniture using abstract forms.

The collection lineup consists of: side table Rabbit (33,000 yen), center table Eeyore (43,000 yen), side table Piglet (29,160 yen), center table Pooh (65,880 yen), side table Kanga & Roo (41,580 yen), side table Tigger (35,640 yen) and more.

Towel dyed using chusen (Japanese dyeing technique that dates back to the Meiji period) (1,300 yen), dishcloth (500 yen), fan (1,200 yen) and “Frozen” Love Chrome (4,000 yen) from Neutral Corporation, and card case (1,400 yen) and jacquard coin purse (1,300 yen) from DELFiNO were also lined up at the exhibit.