Isetan Mitsukoshi presented its latest visuals featuring Rinko Kikuchi. The visuals will be released on June 11 for the upcoming autumn/winter season. The photographs were taken by Chikashi Suzuki with Shigeo Goto as creative director.

The theme of the campaign is “opposite,” and Gianni Oprandi of purple magazine served as art director. Kikuchi is seen in both private and public settings to create a trendy story. The images will be used at Isetan Shinjuku, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi and Ginza Mitsukoshi. Each store will use a different image.

At Isetan, a colored photo of Kikuchi in a public setting expresses daily life, while a black and white photo of the actress in a private room expresses a special occasion. By emphasizing two opposing situations, a life with elements of surprise is depicted.

The visuals for Nihonbashi introduce a clock as a symbol of life, along with photos in different sizes and colors. Classic and elegant touches are used to express the public and private faces of a person, and the passing of time.

For Ginza, three photos in different sizes combining colors and monochrome express a dramatic life.

The visuals will be used for posters, pamphlets and ads within train stations.