In line with the opening of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, adidas launched its “Battle Pack Collection,” which lines up spikes for four types of players. On sale from May 26.

The black and white graphics on the uppers of the designs are inspired by war paint worn by the indigenous people of Brazil.

The “Predator Instinct” (19,000 yen) introduces the newly adopted TPU control frame for the outsole front stud and cushioning function of the insole gel pad for superior ball control. Hiroshi Kiyotake and Shuichi Gonda from Japan, Mesut Ozil from Germany, Xavier Hernandez from Spain, and Oscar Emboaba from Brazil will wear (planned) the model.

“Adizero f50” (18,000 yen) uses thin and light hybrid synthetic leather for the forefoot area, and extremely thin mesh and TPU coating for the rear foot area to pursue high speed. Shinji Kagawa and Manabu Saito from Japan, Luis Suarez from Uruguay and Karim Benzema from France will wear the model.

“Adizero f50 Lionel Messi (LM)” (20,000 yen) will be sported exclusively by Lionel Messi from Argentina. The seamless hybrid synthetic leather for the upper fits well and is accentuated with blue, the signature color of Messi’s native country.

“Pathiqe 11 Core” (12,000 yen) fits well and is ideal for all-rounders pursuing technique and running ability. Atsuto Uchida and Yasuyuki Konno from Japan and Philipp Lahm from Germany will wear the model.

“Nitrocharge 1.0” (16,000 yen) features Energysling to absorb shock and load and support the player’s momentum. Gotoku Sakai from Japan, Daniel Alves from Brazil, and Javi Martinez from Spain will wear (planned) the model.