The event “Glitch @ Tokyo Kaihouku” is open on the second floor of Isetan Shinjuku. Until July 1. The focus is on fashion items designed under the concept “Glitch.”

Isetan Shinjuku focuses on glitch fashion, which is a new type of expression in the industry. The technique intentionally visualizes computation errors occurring in digital data and recording equipment. Items designed by artist Nukeme, the pioneer of glitch design and program artist Ucnv are among the lineup available at the event.

A sales order session will also be held. A computer with a program to print glitch designs onto items is set up, allowing customers to order T-shirts, tote bags and pouches with designs of their choice.

For the event, Isetan teamed up with Sanrio to line-up exclusive “glitch” items. Sanrio characters and logos are shown in different colors and shades with the introduction of glitches. The collection consists of items adorned with Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Kero Kero Keroppi and Patty & Jimmy.

“With advances in technology, methods of expression have also become more progressive. Glitch is one of such methods, and we wanted to introduce artists embodying this expression. It was by accident that Nukeme came to know the beauty of glitch. And he saw how it could be used in fashion. We want to showcase a new type of fashion,” explained a rep of the event.

Born in 1986, Nukeme began his brand under this name in 2008. Under the entertainment division, his “Glitch Embroidery” was selected by the jury of the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival. The embroidery is created by causing an error in the data monitoring the movement of needles of computerized sewing machines.