Fashion Headline interviewed actress Angelina Jolie during her visit to Japan for the premiere of her movie “Maleficent.”

- Can you tell us about the charms of Maleficent?

It’s a very original piece. It’s rare to have a villain as the main character. The story portrays a deep and meaningful message about love. Despite all the bad things that happen in life such as bullying and depression, love conquers all. I want the message to reach everyone, and I think it's particularly meaningful to children.

Abuse and injustice can make us aggressive and bitter. The movie teaches us about how we can overcome this to regain femininity and kindness.

- We heard that you’d been a fan of Maleficent since you were a child. Is this part of the reason you took on this role?

I like this character even if she's a villain because she possesses a strength that is not seen in Disney princess characters. Plus, I see many similarities between me and her. I too have a fighting spirit and tend to take on battles. Whenever I take on a new role, my focus is on whether the piece is daring and challenging. It’s these two aspects which determine everything, nothing in between.

When I was young, I used to battle with myself. As I grew up and had children, I began to fight for my children. The battles I engage in nowadays are for protecting those that I love, and they’re worthwhile.

Similar to Maleficent, my children and love enlightened me. Maleficent begins by abusing her power because she is full of anger. But as she learns to love and protect others, her maternal instincts allow her to overcome her anger and hatred. I’m very moved by the scene where Maleficent reveals her power coming from her maternal side. We all possess both types of powers, and it is up to us to choose which one to use to define our lives. By making these choices, we become stronger people.

- Did your relationship with your children affect the way you played your role in the movie?

When I was doing the scene where the young Aurora comes running to me saying “up up,” it reminded me of when Maddox first came into my arms. Children give us unconditional love, but if we're not prepared for it, we don’t know how to react. It’s funny how Maleficent, the world’s scariest being, is so afraid of the love coming from such a small child.

During the shoot, my children were by my side every day, and they defined the tone of the movie. I also got approval from them on my eye makeup, costumes and set. It’s a role that I created with them.