J.W. Anderson is one of the hottest designers leading the fashion industry today. In order to express the concept of his innovative clothes, Mr. Anderson uses the word “Share.”

Twentieth century fashion proposed masculine forms of dress to express liberty for women in reflection of their changing roles in society. Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are among the great designers who produced genderless clothing for women.

In the twenty-first century, menswear transcended gender and transformed fashion into something that can be “shared” between men and women.

“Gender is not something I consider when I design clothes. Especially when it comes to selecting textiles and materials. My concept is unisex fashion of the 70s. The energies of young people then had a great influence on fashion and other cultures,” said Mr. Anderson.

The shift in menswear seen at the time came to be known as the Peacock Revolution, and men were seen with long hair, sporting pink and frills on their outfits.

“Sometimes I use the same pattern for both genders, and at others change them to match the gender’s physical characteristics. There are also times when I make identical looking outfits for both. I enjoy this process,” continued Mr. Anderson. His designs incorporating “sharing” are elaborately calculated to perfection.

Dover Street Market (DSM) Ginza, which revealed its revamped floors on Jul 19, introduces a new section on the fifth floor dedicated to J.W. Anderson. At the new section, an installation of blue blocks is available. The first floor Elephant Space lines up the latest Loewe collection also designed by Mr. Anderson.

“I got the idea for the blue blocks during a visit to Venice. I saw a child playing with them, checked the manufacturer of them and recreated them for my collection. The scene of the child playing with the blocks overlapped with the image of displaying blue objects in a crow’s nest, which was depicted in the magazine Six, published by COMME des GARCONS in the late 80s. I thought this would be perfect for DSM. I own all eight issues of Six and refer to them often; the styles shown there never fade.”

When seeing the Elephant Space for the first time, Mr. Anderson said he came up with the theme “tribal.” He created a futuristic image of the theme by painting the elephant white and placing white wigs on the mannequins wearing Loewe’s 2015 SS menswear collection. The leather collection in natural colors resembling soil and plants are arrayed with Loewe bags and accessories.