Daisuke Obana, designer of the Japanese brand “N.HOOLYWOOD,” is the new creative director for Converse. In line with the appointment, the apparel line CONS RENNOVATOR will debut from the 2015 SS season.

CONS RENNOVATOR targets those in their twenties to thirties with a keen interest in fashion. For the launch, roughly 20 styles including outerwear, cut and sews and bottoms will be sold.

The name of the new line is a combination of the words “Innovator” and “Renovation.” “Our intention is to fuse the old and new to create innovative designs for innovative people,” explained Obana.

Converse and N.HOOLYWOOD have worked together over the years to design collaboration shoes, which led to recent events. Obana gained inspiration from past Converse activewear designs and introduced modern touches for his first collection as creative director.

The first collaboration between Converse and N.HOOLYWOOD took place in March 2005 and was followed by two projects for the high-end line “CONVERSE ADDICT.”