If you have plans to fly from Haneda Airport this summer, we highly recommend that you check-in ahead of time and make the most of the services the airport has to offer. You can enjoy great food and visit a nail salon in preparation for your flight. It’s a great way to avoid the summer heat while still having a blast.

For those taking morning flights, we’d love for you to visit “Hitoshinaya” located in the North Wing (2F) of Terminal 1. Three Japanese restaurants are gathered here and all are open from 5:30 am.

At “Asagohan,” meaning breakfast in Japanese, traditional breakfast menus such as white rice, miso soup and side dishes which come with grilled fish or a meat dish are served.

As the name suggests,“Surinagashi” offers soups combining Japanese broth and seasonal ingredients. The soups can be enjoyed on their own or can be ordered as a set which comes with white rice or gomoku chirashi (rice mixed with seasonal vegetables and egg).

“Hitohachi” serves vegetables, fish and meat in thick Japanese soup, which is not only beautiful to the eyes but also very delicate and tasty.

What the three restaurants have in common is their dedication to making delicious food using broth, which serves as the base of Japanese cuisine. The broth used at the restaurants delicately combine tuna, horse mackerel, auxis, mackerel and sardines. The mouth-watering smells of ingredients and broth welcome you inside.

For those looking for a place to have a nice meal for lunch, we recommend “Air Terminal Grill Kihachi,” where you can eat as you watch airplanes come and go.

The “Roasted Australian Beef Ribs (120 g) with Grilled Seasonal Vegetables” comes with soup/salad, rice/bread, dessert and drink. The dessert is just as tasty as the main dish. If you are just coming for tea or coffee, we recommend that you also order the “Mango Millefeuille,” which is soft and creamy and uses almonds as an accent. This dessert is available at all times and is made with fruits of the season.

If you’re looking for a quick bite, “Rose Bakery on the Run,” located within “Isetan Haneda Store (Ladies) Terminal 1” is the place to go. The cafe offers healthy menus such as yogurt or granola with fruit salad and handmade cakes including the popular carrot cake.

If you’re looking to have beautiful nails in preparation of your destination, you can go to the nail salon “uka,” which is also located within “Isetan Haneda Store (Ladies) Terminal 1.” The salon offers quick menus including manicures using nail polish which dry in 8.5 minutes. It also has menus for men.

The juice stand “Sky High fly by” is a great way to boost your energy and skin. The stand serves a variety of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. If you pay extra, you can also add superfoods to your drink.