Instead of stressing about buying gifts on the last day of your trip, why not find great gifts before your flight from Haneda Airport? The Airport offers a variety of sweets, some of which can only be purchased here.

The gift shop PIER, located on the second floor of the North and South wings of Terminal 1, lines up a selection of sweets including “Azabu Karinto” (Japanese fried-dough), available in approx. 50 different flavors (Green Tea, Honey and more). At the PIER, 20 flavors are selected and sold. The three flavors, sesame, vegetable mix of sweet potato, spinach, carrot, pumpkin and onion, and spicy burdock come in special packaging only available at Haneda.

For those looking for beautiful Japanese confectionaries, the set of 3 different flavors (sweet bean paste, purple yam paste and black sesame paste) of wafer cake is available from “HIGASHIYA.”

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give to families with children, we recommend the “Oekaki (Drawing) Macaron” from “Anniversary” which is cute in design and delicious in taste.

Besides confectionaries, the exclusive “SORAIRUKA PET Bottle Cap Opener” and “Wooden Airplane Set ANA” are on sale.

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, “Haneda Sky Ale” (2 bottles with original cooler bag) is recommended. This fruity local beer is sold exclusively at Tokyo Shokuhinkan Gate C (Terminal 1) and SMILE TOKYO (Terminal 2) and can also be enjoyed at restaurants of the Airport.

“KINOKUNIYA entree” at Market Place on the first basement floor of Terminal 1 introduces various eco-friendly bags. The KINOKUNIYA original bag with an airplane logo mark is one of the most popular. Also, light-weight travel bags and CORDURA lunch bags are available.