ISSEY MIYAKE presents a limited collection of wooden accessories designed in collaboration with furniture brand “Tendo Mokko.”

Under the seasonal theme “Rhythmatic Forest,” which expresses the majestic beauty of forests, the accessories collection emphasizes the beauty of Japanese cedar. Cedar is soft and easily damaged, which makes it unsuitable for designing furniture. Tendo Mokko, actively engaging in research to create new technologies, has successfully found a way to mix thinned wood including cedar into molded plywood. For the collaboration, Tendo Mokko's cutting-edge skills emphasize the beauty of wood.

The collection lineup includes bangles (32,000 yen), brooches and necklaces (16,000 yen). On sale at The Stage 4 of Isetan Shinjuku (4F) until Sept 2. Will also be available at ISSEY MIYAKE Aoyama, ELLTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE Ginza and ISSEY MIYAKE Kobe from Sept 4.

In 1940, Tendo Mokko began as an association of artisans residing in Tendo, Yamagata. It is known as the pioneer of molded plywood, which is created by bonding several thin sheets of wood and pressing the board with heat into a desirable form.