Ultra-technologists group teamLab led by Toshiyuki Inoko presents an installation titled “Infinity of Flowers” using Gucci’s symbolic Flora motif. The piece is currently on display on the third floor of Gucci Shinjuku store.

In 2012, teamLab won an award from Europe’s largest virtual reality exposition “Laval Virtual.” It was the first foreign company to hold a solo exhibit at a national museum in Taiwan. This year, the group held a solo exhibit at Pace Gallery in New York. Its ingenious media artworks are highly acclaimed throughout the world.

The Infinity of Flowers installation decorates an entire wall of the event space with flowers, which are printed real time using computer programming. When someone touches a flower on the screen, it blooms or flutters. Each flower eventually loses its petals, withers, disappears and reemerges with a new blossom.

“The flowers which continue to emerge and wither continuously change with the touches and actions of visitors. Each image is unique and will only appear once. It’s as if the piece represents the different stories of life which emerge eternally,” explained Inoko at the press preview. He revealed that it took 10 people up to 3 to 4 months to create the piece.

“For example, flowers bloom to attract honeybees. Since they can’t reproduce on their own, their existence is very fragile. Surprisingly though, flowering plants are one of the most powerful species on the planet. There’re around 250,000 different types in comparison to the 800 gymnosperms. The plants that chose symbiosis flourished and the same can be said for human beings.”

“With regards to flowers and people, I think that there’s a cultural symbiosis,” added Inoko. Infinity of Flowers introduces the same mechanism as a touch panel and allows visitors to be swept into the world of flowers and experience symbiosis.

Concurrently, another piece by teamLab is on display at the store, in the 8m window facing Shinjuku Street.

【Event Information】
Infinity of Flowers
Venue: event space on the third floor of Gucci Shinjuku
Address: Shinjuku Takano Bldg. 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Dates: Sept 13 to 28
Time: 11 am to 8 pm
Free admission