Fashion Headline released its first collection of LINE Stickers that can be used on the communication app “LINE.” The collection features the website’s official characters “Fashion Headliners.” On sale from Sept 26.

Fashion Headliners decorate the cover of our Facebook page as well as promotional items such as flyers and stickers. Now, they are available to the public through LINE. The design of the characters was handled by Tokyo-based illustrator David Severn.

Each of the characters work in the fashion industry with Grace Heron as an editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, Joe Magpie as a talkative fashion journalist, Naomi Paradise as an emotional model who loves to dance, Buzzy Starling as a company executive of an advertising agency and Don Elkone as a skilled buyer. One set, including forty types of stickers, is available for 100 yen. Can be purchased on the app’s online “LINE STORE” by users in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Fashion Headline’s sticker collection was selected from LINE Creators Market, a new service from LINE started this May, which gives users from around the world the opportunity to design and sell stickers on the app. Designs approved by LINE will be sold in countries that provide the LINE STORE service. Half of the proceeds will be sent to the creator.

Purchase the stickers here!