On the heels of Anrealage's successful debut collection “Anrealage: Creativity” at the 2014 Paris Fashion Week, the exhibit “Anrealage - A Real Un Real Age” by the brand's head couturier Kunihiko Morinaga, was staged from Sept 22 to Oct 2 at L'Eclaireur Sevigne store.

Reflecting on Morinaga's past collections, garments were displayed around the store, offering a retrospective look back through meticulously hand-sewn patchwork from his earliest designs up to his more recent 2013-14 A/W collection showcasing a bold contrast of light and color created by manipulating futuristic UV activated fabrics.

Present among the gallery's jagged timber sculptures, the masterful Japanese designer exhibited his unique creations as well as treating guests to a comprehensive viewing of collections displayed using the 147 state-of-the-art video displays within the store.

The high point of the exhibit was its reception held on the third day, which included many of Europe's fashion elite, including the Hyeres Festival of Fashion and Photography President, who attended after hearing about Anrealage's much-lauded Fashion Week collection.

L'Eclaireur's owner, Armand Hadida, was also in attendance and offered much praise of Anrealage's entry into Paris's most prestigious fashion event saying, "Anrealage's show was truly wonderful, beautiful and poetic. I praise the designer’s talent, creativity and originality. I think that Paris is the best place for him to grow his brand. I look forward to watching his progress."

Hadida went on to say that Anrealage would definitely find a place in his soon-to-be launched Los Angeles addition of L'Eclaireur stores.