The charity collection “Metropolitan Dream by H. Nakata” by Damiani and Hidetoshi Nakata went on sale from Oct 20, and a commemoratory party was held on that day at Damiani Boutique Tokyo in Ginza.

The designs are based on Damiani’s 2010 Metropolitan Dream collection with new touches of creativity by the brand and Nakata. The friendship between Giorgio Damiani and Nakata led to the launch of this project.

The lineup includes cross pendants (98,000 yen to 181,000 yen), three types of kangaroo leather cord bracelets decorated with crosses, plates and round parts (90,000 yen to 162,000 yen) and bangle bracelets (363,000 yen). Beautiful diamonds decorate the pink gold and white gold jewelry.

At the party, Nakata commented, “Damiani is a high-end brand, but I designed the pieces with young people in mind. I used leather to go with the diamonds to create casual designs. The designs are simple and can be enjoyed by both men and women.”

Part of the proceeds of the collection will be donated to the NPO “Home for All” for the next three years. Architect Toyo Ito is the chairperson of this NPO, and he cooperates with other architects to build gathering places for those who lost their homes in the Tohoku earthquake. The first space was completed in Oct 2011. As of Jul 2014, eleven spaces have been built. Currently four more are in the works.

“The idea of the project came to us very naturally. We made donations soon after the Tohoku earthquake, but after meeting with Hide, I wanted to do more, and Hide and I decided to do something together to support Tohoku. Hide often gives me his opinions on our designs. For the collaboration, he spent a lot of time on the designs. We want the customers to enjoy the pieces,” explained Giorgio during his speech.

At the party, a video of Giorgio and Nakata visiting Home for All (Minna no Ie) in Rikuzentakata of Iwate prefecture and meeting Mayor Futoshi Toba and architects Kumiko Inui and Akihisa Hirata was screened.

The collection is on sale at Damiani Boutique Tokyo and Osaka and will go on sale at other boutiques from Nov 5.