Photographer/movie director Mika Ninagawa will launch her fashion brand “M / mika ninagawa” from the spring/summer season of 2015.

Ninagawa came up with the idea for her new brand after presenting textiles printed with graphics of her artworks at the Premiere Vision exhibit held in Paris last year. The textiles created in collaboration with Japanese fabric manufacturer Komatsu Seiren were highly acclaimed for their originality. This achievement led to popular brands such as ANREALAGE and G.V.G.V. designing clothes using the textiles. A hundred or so of such items were sold out immediately when appearing at a pop-up held at Isetan Shinjuku last December. Customers reached out to Isetan to say that they wanted to purchase more.

In response to this, the brand “M / mika ninagawa” targeting those from their teens to forties, will line-up original styles proposed by none other than Ninagawa.

The debut collection consists of a gorgeous maxi dress (50,000 yen), short-sleeve dress (36,000 yen), shirt dress (37,000 yen), sweat top (24,000 yen), sweatpants (19,000 yen) and more. Each item is available in two to six different patterns, some of which decorate the entire design, while others are seen on the insides of pockets and on the collars of shirts.

Tote bag (7,900 yen), clutch bag (6,900 yen), pouch (4,900 yen), scrunchie (3,000 yen) and hairband (2,800 yen) will also be in store.

The digital print fabric “MONALISA” developed by Komatsu Seiren made it possible to precisely recreate Ninagawa’s graphical works. With a variation of 16.7 million colors, the MONALISA brilliantly produces beautiful definitions.

To begin with, the collection will be fully lined up on the second floor of Isetan Shinjuku from Jan 21 to 27, 2015.