Descente debuts its new golf wear brand Descente Golf for the 2015 SS season. Hidetoshi Nakata has been appointed as the ambassador with the launch of the project “Hidetoshi Nakata Swing Timeline.”

The project documents the former soccer player making earnest golf swings, with short YouTube films created under three themes. The themes being, “Another opportunity to play golf,” “The basic swing area aka the business zone” and “The 30 yd., 40 yd. and 50 yd. swings that reach high scores.”

In “The basic swing area aka the business zone” film, Nakata wowed his coach Masaki Tani with a swing recording 160 yd. using a 7-iron. Some of the films show Nakata talking about the similarities between golf and the free kick as well as his thoughts on sports, content which is enjoyable to both Nakata and golf fans.

Other tidbits will be available through Facebook, Instagram and other SNS. On the brand website (, Nakata is seen wearing Descente Golf’s golf wear in high quality taste.