Kotaro Sakaki, the designer behind the brand “The Sakaki,” is truly open-minded. His lookbooks show models wearing goblin and Hyottoko (Japanese mask depicting a man with a clown-like appearance) masks, but beneath all the humor is intricate and carefully considered designs completed to perfection.

Sakaki launched his brand in the spring/summer of 2012, after his career at Tomoya Ono led Auguste Presentation.

Whenever somebody asks me about which Japanese brands to watch, The Sakaki is always on the list. The reason is simple. The designer’s originality is topnotch in Japan. The brand is represented by its designer's family crest and designs which reflect the beauty of tailoring.

“I don’t care if people say my designs are Japanese. I don’t want to be tied down,” explains Sakaki.

The unique character of the brand and its designer will be revealed in the articles to follow.