In fashion, new trends are created each season, but designer Kotaro Sakaki of The Sakaki sees this differently.

“For me it’s not about creating new styles each season, but rather pursuing my creations. If I design an item, I want to continue to make it and improve its quality each time. In the end, clothing is about putting one’s arms through sleeves, one’s legs through bottoms, and fastening buttons. It’s universal. We are doing what we can with categories which have been set,” explains Sakaki.

Cut-and-sews and stadium jumpers are part of the brand’s standard lineup. Each season, these items have alterations performed so that they are continuously evolving.

“Take the anime Gundam for example. Whether the title includes “Z” or “∀,” they are all the same Gundam. The main subject stands out because it’s worth paying attention to. I want to make a signature item that defines us as well. Something that is useful and makes our customers happy. Another example is the gloves that serve as vegetable peels. I like ideas like this because I know that there is a demand for such products.”

Another standard item, the wide-leg pants, has a meaningful concept too. “The current trend is stretch pants, and this is where everyone is headed. But I know that there’s demand for loose-fitting pants too, which is why I continue to design them even when the trend is clearly headed elsewhere. We use tape for the straight lines of the design such as the waistline and pockets. In doing so, we reduce the number of stitches and cut down on costs, plus we are able to maintain product quality.”

To be continued into Part 4/5.