Casual is defined by Japanese brand Ganryu, which continues to charm us with its inventive techniques. The brand presented its 2015-16 A/W collection on Feb 4 at Aoyama, Tokyo’s Idol. It’s been two years since Ganryu organized a runway show outside the Comme des Garcons office.

The theme of the season for men is “Odd Basic.” Key items such as checkered items, sarouel pants, combination of different fabrics on one design and rubber soles were revamped with surprising elements. Tyrolean ribbons and Cowichan knits reflected the “artificial aspects produced by simplicity and warmth,” as stated by designer Fumito Ganryu.

Down jackets and MA-1 flight jackets were designed using shirt fabrics and tailoring to create new impressions. These details are not functional, but for fashion-purposes only. A canvas tote is decorated with front pockets all over, and Chukka boots are designed with Vibram soles suitable for running.

The theme for the third women’s season is “Gimmick Dress.” In line with the theme, noticeable details such as flares, drapes and switches of fabrics to create curvy lines were seen on the designs. Some of the designs used different patterns for the surface and lining. Fleece and quilts added volume to create interesting forms, and crepe back satin and velour fabrics added luster to the collection.

“I aim to produce clothes suitable for all occasions and focus on the comfort and impact of the designs. The concept of Ganryu is to propose casual clothing that makes the wearers positive and hopeful of a bright future. Each of my collections is the result of everything I have to offer at the time,” explained the designer.