Isetan Salone from the Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings group will make its debut at Tokyo Midtown on Apr 3, under the theme “Black and White.” The store-interior design will be handled by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto.

At the same time, the brand “T.G.I.F. Ready for the Weekend” will make its debut under the concept, “simple and high-quality items for independent women” and collaboration items with Taro Horiuchi and Beige will be made available.

The new label is spun off from the Ready for the Weekend section located on the second floor of Isetan Shinjuku store. The section proposes relaxed wear and casual styles for married women. At Isetan Salone, the brand will emerge with trends suitable for women who place importance on being in the driver’s seats of their own lives.

The brand introduces a range of simple items with class, such as a tank top decorated with pleats and comfortable racing jacket made of jersey. The textures and details of the designs bring out the charms of each garment.

For the opening, a number of brands will line-up items themed after “Black and White.” including a feminine lace dress from Mame and a collection of garments with two-dimensional effects from Hyke. Dries Van Noten will present a pair of sandals adorned with eye-catching bijous.

By setting a central theme focusing on the basic colors black and white, the new store will emphasize the beauty of the designs presented by each of the brands.