It's been announced that Japanese artist Kyosuke Tchinai will hold a solo exhibit from Mar 13 to Apr 12 at the Galerie Tamenaga Osaka.

Tchinai, who studied oil painting at the Tokyo University of the Arts, came up with his unique style of fusing Japanese and western painting in the 1980s. His approach is characterized by the use of acrylics on Japanese paper (washi). In 2000, he made his international debut in Paris. Most recently, he held a solo exhibit in London last fall. He also has the experience of working for the prominent Rothschild family.

For the upcoming event, the artist will present a series of paintings titled “Utopia.” The series focuses on memorable or imagined landscapes, which lie in the hearts of Japanese people, often including mountains and flowers. A number of colorful butterflies are seen in the works, with one showing the contrast of the blue night sky and pink cherry blossoms, and another illustrating cemetery flowers.

One of the highlights, Tagasode screens (literally someone’s sleeves), prevalent during the Edo period and enjoyed not only as still-lifes, but also as imaginative paintings of kimonos, censers and other belongings, bring out the personalities of the figures created by the artist.

Tchinai is expected to attend the reception party planned the day before the exhibit opening.

【Exhibit Information】
Kyosuke Tchinai Exhibit
Venue: Galerie Tamenaga Osaka
Address: 1F of the Hotel New Otani Osaka 1-4-1 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Dates: Mar 13 to Apr 12
Hours: 11 am to 8 pm