Jewelry brand Grandmatic by Muveil designer Michiko Nakayama presents fresh campaign visuals for its 2015 S/S collection. In place of the elegant grandma image, which has served the brand since its debut in 2013, a young girl has been appointed to embody the new message, “That girl, always with her grandma’s pretty jewels”.

For the brand's third anniversary, Nakayama designed a collection of items sharing the same theme, Deep Sea Monochrome, as her clothing line Muveil. Bangles, earrings, brooches and necklaces embellished with shells, starfish and seahorses were presented in line with the theme. The emerald green eyes of the seahorse glow against the soft colors of coral reefs, and the gold designs and the use of lightweight imitation pearls named "mousse pearls" that gleam in seven different colors, just like real pearls, complement the sea creature motifs.

From this season, Grandmatic designs are not only available at department stores but also at Muveil’s flagship store Gallery Muveil.

In addition to the standard lineup, three one-of-a-kind necklaces were designed using vintage parts. Isetan Shinjuku will lineup the necklace with four sparkling gems imaged after the “grandma” figure Diana Vreeland. Deconstructed vintage earrings introducing six monkey charms will be available at the boutique Sister, located in Daikanyama. The imitation-pearl necklace with an exquisite shine, inspired by Jackie Kennedy, will be sold at Hankyu Umeda.

A reception was held on Feb 28, where past collections and books that the designer referred to for ideas were showcased. The latest Grandmatic collection presents timeless designs, which bring out the charms of the wearers at any age and help them envision themselves of one day becoming a classy grandma.