Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company is hosting an exhibit of local Hello Kitty designs pertaining to the different prefectures of Japan. The exhibit is open in the company’s building located in Uchisaiwaicho of the Tokyo area until June 30.

The design of the exhibit was handled by Naoya Iwama of the Japanese advertising and public relations company Hakuhodo. Iwama has been with the firm for five years and has worked for Hakuhodo Brand Design, which specializes in branding. He currently works as part of the space design team to organize events and create promotional spaces. Iwama’s design experience covers architecture, interior, products and logos.

The museum floor is decorated with a map of Japan, and the exhibits of 62 Hello Kitty illustrations (https://aka-events.smktg.jp/public/application/add/163) representing the local branches of the company are curated alongside it. Hello Kitty, serving as the company’s brand ambassador, is depicted with the specialties of the 62 prefectures as well as historical items and figures to create a combination of a popular icon and traditional Japanese aesthetics.

A Japanese-style shop curtain illustrated with Hello Kitty’s face dresses up the entrance of the museum. In order to bring out the charms of Hello Kitty, Iwama created a simple and minimalistic space.

【Exhibit Information】
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company’s Local Kitty Museum
Venue: 1F entrance of Fukoku Seimei Building
Address: 2-2-2 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Dates: Dec 8, 2014 to Jun 30, 2015 (planned)