On Mar 4, the renovated furniture and home interior floor of Isetan Shinjuku main building (5F) was revealed. The floor had been undergoing a remodeling since last fall.

Architect Noritaka Tange of Tange Associates and designer Yasumichi Morita, President and Representative Director of Glamorous co., ltd., took charge of the project to create a "Fashion Museum,” in line with the other revamped floors of Isetan Shinjuku.

The Center Park, West Park and East Park areas are set up for special events in addition to the corners Living Personal (Relax), Kitchen Dining (Gather) and Bed Bath Powder (Comfort).

Flower/botanical artist Makoto Azuma opened the florist “Flower of Romance” within the Kitchen Dining section. The shop lines up a variety of flowers such as orchids, not only as a part of bouquets and arrangements, but also pressed or contained within a jar. It also offers a service of selecting flowers to go with foods and fashion. “We want to propose lifestyles with flowers to the many types of customers that come to Isetan,” explained a rep.

The special event “Life Live Love” by fashion designer Akira Minagawa of Mina Perhonen and interior stylist Fumiko Sakuhara, working for Vogue and Elle Deco, is currently open in commemoration of the floor renovation. “There’s no difference behind the choices we make when picking up an item at a store, be it fashion or interior products. I aimed to present an enjoyable shopping experience under the concept of interior goods,” said Minagawa on producing the event. To this Sakuhara added, “I gathered items that were used for magazine shoots as well as goods that I’ve tried out and liked. I deliberately chose items that were in contrast to Mr. Minagawa’s lineup to provide a wider selection to the customers.”

At the West Park, items decorated with brilliant Ultraman illustrations by Kutani ware artists and Makoto Kagoshima’s artworks are on display. Also, a sofa designed through the collaboration of Arflex and N.Hoolywood and original stationary in Isetan’s original tartan fabrics are on sale.

The newly opened cafe Raika offers seasonal menus using Japanese ingredients, and the Kitchen Dining Decor serves coffee and tea from different brands, which are updated every one to two weeks. In addition, a kitchen studio is set up and a specialty store introduces different styles of enjoying tea.

A new stationary corner, print studio, mailbox and wallpaper select shop Walpa are also available on the floor.