Designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae presented Issey Miyake’s 2015-16 A/W collection for women through the extensive use of colors and the brand’s signature 3D Steam Stretch textile. Under the theme “Colorscope,” garments designed with the single piece of cloth concept sparkled like kaleidoscopes.

Threads in the colors cyan, magenta and yellow were weaved into a single piece of fabric to create a blossoming flower in beautiful colors. Other natural elements such as crystals, strata and spiral shells were born onto the garments using modern technology.

The 3D Steam Stretch textile created intricate embroidery-like effects, some with an artful display of shading and others in abstract forms. Coats and jackets were dressed with collars to create polished looks.

Outerwear with uneven textures was designed with double weaves. The first layer of the cloth was compressed to achieve smocking effects.

Three-dimensional dresses, jackets and coats in vivid geometric patterns resembling snow crystals were finished with inserts of black shadows. The shadows, which appear to be knitted, are produced by altering the density of the weaves.

Skirts with circular silhouettes, presented for the finale, were inspired from the shapes of spiral shells. The crowd applauded with excitement when the models unleashed the gorgeous belted skirts, which fluttered on stage like flower petals.

“This season, my focus was on colors. Colors have a huge impact on people and can create different types of impressions. The 3D Steam Stretch textile is full of possibilities, and I’m excited to find out what it has to offer. I’m thinking of reproducing the effects of embroidery using this textile,” said Miyamae.

The invitations for the show were designed by shrinking a colorful skirt pattern decorated with spiral shells.