On Mar 4, Shiseido debuted its exclusive Lifestyle Fragrance series in line with the opening of the renovated furniture and home interior floor of Isetan Shinjuku main building (5F). The collection will also go on sale at other Isetan Mitsukoshi stores in turn.

The collection consists of Japan-made fragrances, which embody the qualities of the country to the rest of the world. The current lineup consists of scents imaged after spring nights. Making the most of Shiseido’s aromachology techniques, the fragrances express the enchanting essence of cherry blossoms.

Three items, two candles made with plant-derived ingredients and a room and linen spray are part of the collection. The candles are placed inside handmade crystal containers. All items are handmade at factories located in Japan and come in packages designed with Shiseido’s symbolic karakusa (arabesque) pattern, which has been updated to represent the rhythms of life.

The project fits well with Japan Senses, Isetan Mitsukoshi’s key business strategy, placing importance on Japanese traditions, cultures and aesthetics.