House of Holland proposed futuristic, tough city girl looks for this season's show, which were inspired by the films “Fifth Element” and “Blade Runner.”

The British brand led by designer Henry Holland showed a range of styles for its 2015-16 A/W collection, mainly colorful unconventional styles including bright pink outfits in punk style and mild-purple ones in peculiar tastes.

The runway was made to look like a conveyor belt, often seen at airports, very suitable as the show was hosted by DHL Exported, a partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Shun Watanabe was appointed as the stylist to arrange the styles initially presented at London Fashion Week to match the Japanese market; a few new looks were added and skirts were made shorter.

For Tokyo's show, Holland made his own statements about women with strong personality traits. The atmosphere was completed with models that strutted with attitude.

A variety of textures including rubber, embroidery on organza and PVC were combined to create "futuristic 70s" looks. The most striking looks included abundant usage of Mongolian fur. Coats designed with volume were paired with high heeled boots that used shading of loud colors effectively, allowing the boots to shine differently along with each movement of the feet.

As a winner of the DHL Exported Award, which supports young designers from around the world, Holland aims to raise the brand's presence in Japan, where street fashion culture is popular, just like in his hometown.