For its 2015-16 A/W women’s collection, Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons put a spotlight on intricate geometric patterns and studs.

A beehive inspired skirt was created with beautiful mesh patterns, and coats and ponchos were designed by combining different pieces of fabric. Geometrical forms were expressed through a wide range of colors from black and gray to vivid hues such as red and purple. A blouson in the form of a sphere and the collars of coats are works of art. A cape shaped like an arc was designed by creating patterns of individual shapes and then layering them onto tulle fabric.

The designer’s masterful use of punkish studs on dresses and shawls were reminiscent of Koichiro Kimura’s artworks. The styles of the pants and shoes, together with the metal studs created a collection full of impact.