Sacai’s 2015-16 A/W women’s collection was created by taking apart oversized garments and sewing them back together into resized outfits.

Darts and tucks were introduced on M43 jackets and shirts to add fit and flares in order to create beautiful feminine silhouettes. Men’s wide pants were taken apart and redesigned into culottes. The pieces taken apart were put back together using strips of new fabric. A Melton coat was pieced together using quilts, and the overall design was completed with noticeable thick quilt stitching.

A cable knit blouson showed a mix of leather, which was stamped with the design of a thin layer of bonded deerskin. A dress adorned with baja stripes created with fur and grosgrain left a big impression on the audience.

Peplums and skirts decorated with tribal mirror work and embroidery used hard tulle fabric for the lining to produce couture-like designs.

As the brand leading Japan’s fashion industry, Sacai left us satisfied by presenting a brilliant show full of confident styling, strong statements and beautiful fabrics.