On Apr 10, Onward Global Fashion opened its latest concept store named “Pendule Via Bus Stop” in Tokyo’s Minami-Aoyama. The two-story building lines up mainly shoes on the first floor with designs from twenty brands including Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler. At the events space located at the entrance, a pop-up for Jil Sander Navy is currently being held.

The store also boasts non-fashion elements such as a florist produced by Kojiro Onishi, a cosmetics shop and a Japanese fusion restaurant managed by the same owner as the popular Italian restaurant group “en boca”. At the restaurant, unique menus such as rice balls decorated with vegetables can be enjoyed.

On the second floor, a wide range of clothes from reasonable to luxury are in store. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Jil Sander Navy and Fendi are among the selection. A terrace is available, where customers can read books taken from the library corner produced by Kinokuniya.

The enormous pendulum clock named “Aoyama” that bedecks the store’s glass facade was designed by artist Philippe Lebru of Utinam Besancon. The 5m-high and 4m-wide masterpiece weighing a ton, took half a year to complete. The clock is also earthquake engineered, to fit with Japan’s characteristics.

Lebru explained that, “The concept of time defines life. I created the piece with images of trees and plants growing over time. The wheel trains and satellite gears are connected to the clock like branches. The clock is inscribed with a French message reading, ‘In the midst of the cycle of life, we are children, maturing with the passing of time.’ The message incorporates our wishes for people to cherish their time and enjoy life.”

“The pendulum sways with gravity, which is designed to be triggered by typhoons and strong winds as well. The red satellite gear rotates inward every second and makes a full circle in one minute. Numerous wheel trains and satellite gears are linked together, just like the different components (shoes, wear, cosmetics, flowers and restaurant) of the store.”

Lebru’s dynamic pendulum clock only exists in three places around the world. The one decorating Pendule Via Bus Stop’s store front is the first one outside of France. The spacious and open atmosphere of the store, accentuated with greenery, along with the giant clock, invites stylish customers to spend their time at ease.