Chanel has unveiled its new website named “Outside Chanel.”

Up until now, the brand has revealed its history and the life of its founding designer Gabrielle Chanel, more commonly known by the name of Coco Chanel, under a series of movies titled “Inside Chanel.” The new series Outside Chanel focuses on people outside the brand, who represent the brand’s philosophy through their ways of life.

Part one of Outside Chanel focuses on Japanese women and stars opera singer Satomi Ogawa, washi (traditional Japanese paper) artist Eriko Horiki, photographer Aya Yamamoto, calligrapher Rieko Kawabe and DJ/fashion icon Mademoiselle Yulia.

In her movie, Kawabe reveals, “I’m stubborn and I don’t like to give in, I continue to do whatever it is that I believe in.” Mademoiselle Yulia in her movie says, “I don’t want to stop myself from taking on certain challenges because I’m a woman.”

Each of the women talks about their personal lives and past experiences, which express their inner spirits that harmonize with Chanel’s aesthetics.