The number of tourists visiting Japan exceeded 13 million people at the end of 2014, proving the country to be a popular destination for travelers. At Isetan Shinjuku department store, visitors can find a selection of popular Japanese souvenirs and gifts to take home with them.

At Nishikiya, located on the first basement floor of Isetan Shinjuku, you will find a variety of ready-made meals (free of artificial flavoring). Different types of Japanese curry including tomato and beef (392 yen/180g), yuzu keema and ginger pork (356 yen/180g) are most popular. Ready-made soups using carrots from Aomori and corn from Hokkaido are also available.

At the sweets shop “Enfant,” sugar cookies in the shapes of sushi (2,000 yen/cookie), tempura soba (2,000 yen/set) and other scrumptious Japanese dishes are lined up.

Saison Factory sells green tea jam (1,500 yen for 155g), which can be eaten on bread, with ice cream, bean paste, rice cakes and mixed in milk.

Yawataya Isogoro lines up the Japanese spice mixture shichimi togarashi (344 yen) containing the seven ingredients red chili pepper, Japanese pricklyash, ginger, black sesame seed, dried orange peel, perilla and hemp seed. Shichimi togarashi is gaining popularity overseas and can be used to spice up meat and fish dishes.

The May issue of the free magazine “Isetan for Foodie” introduces Isetan Shinjuku’s lineup of popular Japanese gifts as well as local dishes and the charms of green tea. The magazine is available on the first basement floor of the department store.