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【Feature】 Roppongi Fashion

Roppongi Fashion

Roppongi Fashion

What Is Roppongi Fashion?

Because many foreign expats call Roppongi home, the fashion in this area tends to lean toward Western brands. As such, it is a popular place for both Japanese and tourists looking for international retail stores. But when it comes to fashion, Roppongi is best known as the location for the bi-annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. It is here that the international fashion elite converge for a week of events showing off the newest in fashion trends.

Popular Brands in Roppongi

You can find a multitude of brands within Roppongi Hills such as the popular Adidas, Armani, Escada, and Kate Spade. If you are in the mood for some fine jewelry, look no further than Folli Follie, which offers a wide selection of jewelry, watches, bags, and accessories. And while most labels are Western-born, domestic Japanese brands like United Arrows, Issa, and Onitsuka Tiger can be found here as well.

Other Japanese Fashion Areas

While in Japan, Roppongi is a great place to buy a variety of Western brands, as well as attend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo if you happen to be in the area during the seasonal showings. If you are looking for Western brands and Roppongi doesn’t have what you want, there are three other locations in Tokyo worth checking out. Shinjuku caters to business and men’s fashion, Ginza is where you can find the labels that scream “cha-ching,” and Omotesando is somewhere comfortably in between the two.

Navigating Roppongi’s Shops

Even though Roppongi is mostly known for its many international clubs and bars, there is also a great day of shopping to be had. The best place to begin is a new urban center in Roppongi called Roppongi Hills that houses many shops within three buildings and a combined 118 floors. The best part about this megaplex is that the buildings are connected to Roppongi Station, so it is very easy to get from the train to your favorite shop in a matter of minutes.

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